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{Bright Idea Thursday} Ceremony Programs

Remember our boho beach shoot with Makebelieven? Well I just read a great blog post about her that you can read here. Krissy of Makebelieven is the etsy who made the headband that Nicole wore. One question and answer that I really enjoyed from the interview was: 
What would you like to see at more weddings?
Krissy: "I would love to see more programs that give additional background on the couple…how they met, favorite foods/songs, etc". 
Such a great suggestion - I love that idea!! Here are some more wedding ceremony program ideas for you plus Eco-friendly wedding advice too.
Humorous ceremony program handmade by the bride and MOB

Tiered ceremony programs handmade by the bride and family friend

Make sure the programs are secured really well on the fan! These are great because they are also functional!

If you use the flowers that decorate your wedding ceremony space as your centerpieces at the reception, you’re getting more use out of the blooms and won’t be throwing them away right after “I do.” It’s also more eco-friendly to choose flowers that are in season, and even better if they’re locally grown. That way less fuel is used to ship them to you. 

Print your ceremony programs on recycled paper, or make them as short as possible. If you’re having them professionally printed, ask about soy-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment. If you had planned on getting fans for your guests, save paper and make programs that double as fans instead.

If you have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place, no one has to drive from one place to the other, which saves gas. You can also try to have the ceremony and reception within walking distance of each other.

Most places do not let you use rice since it's not good for the birdies, but bird seed is a great alternative. Also consider biodegradable paper confetti or bubbles or ribbon wands!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eco-chic Weddings

In case, you missed this before, I'm sharing it again because there are so many great ideas, I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle of my blog! I recently finished reading "Eco-chic Weddings" by Emily Elizabeth Anderson and have LOTS of great information to tell you about. As you know my passion is sharing eco-friendly ideas that you can consider for your wedding, it doesn't have to be everything, even a few green efforts can make a big difference. This will be a pretty lengthy post, so stick with me, have a cup of coffee, get a piece of paper to take notes, or get ready to click on links and bookmark them! Most of this information is directly from Emily's book and some I have added in.
Facts To Think About:
  • According to Conde Nast Bridal Group- American Wedding Study 2006 the average American wedding is now $27,825 in 1990 it was $15,208
  • Prioritize!! What is the most important part of your wedding that you are willing to spend money on and what could be edited out?
  • Borrow -  Emily wrote in her book that she borrowed her friends pearl bracelet which was special since her friend couldn't be at the wedding. Maybe borrow someone’s veil too.
  • Think about one-time-use items like your wedding shoes that you will only wear once, do you really want to spend that much on them?
  • According to the Bridal Consultants of America, October is now the most popular month of the year to get married.
  • Ask and find out if your venue/caterer compost leftover food? Could they donate to a compost community garden?
  • Reduce: Send your wedding invitations earlier than planned so that you don’t have to send out save-the-dates, or it’s too late to send out save-the-dates so you just send invites
  • Self-adhesive stamps come with non-recyclable plastic sheet backing so if possible get the moisten and stick stamps
  • Recycle your ink cartridges, more than 300 million ink cartridges end up in landfills every year. You can take them to Staples and get a discount!
  • Average money spent on honeymoon is $3.700
  • This is a BIG FACT I DID NOT KNOW!! 10% of honeymooners go on a cruise, but did you know that one of the largest waterway polluters is the cruise ship industry! Discharge into the ocean by cruise ships is not covered under the Clean Water Act. I have actually never been on a cruise but it's such a huge industry for tourism.
  • Consider going to a “green” location and doing “green” activities and rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car since they have the Toyota Prius

Monday, July 23, 2012

{Inspiration Board} Nautical Theme

Are you ready for some major sea worthy inspiration?! It's about time that I put together a fun inspiration board and when two people I know are doing a nautical theme wedding I figured I would round up some ideas. One of them is thinking about combining pink or blush with navy, which is such a nice combo that has many options. Whether you are having your wedding at the beach, yacht club, backyard, ballroom or restaurant or your style is elegant, preppy, bohemian, or classic I'm sure you'll like something on this board! What's your favorite?

Ceremony Ideas
Consider using ribbon, or monkey knots for aisle markers, maybe even shells or buoys instead of flowers for your ceremony. I loved this idea my friend shared of doing handmade fly fishing wedding boutonnieres for those guys that love to fish!
 How about a boat for containing all your drinks?
 Adorable bridesmaids gift idea!
 Write Mr. & Mrs. in twine?
The south is known for their delicious oysters and there are plenty of free empty shells for you to get your hands on. Why not use them as decor throughout your wedding. If you are crafty, try building one of these oyster shell chandeliers!! 
Last but not least, my favoriteguests were treated to a monogrammed jar of lifesavers, and a donation in their name to save lives through clean water projects in Africa. Love gifts that give!
This theme is also great for house parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or birthday parties too.
So many places you can go with it - LOVE IT ALL!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

{Real Wedding} Katrina & Matthew

Katrina & Matthew's beautiful European brunch style wedding at the The Olde Pink House was by far one of the most elegant wedding affair of the year. Katrina found us at the Richmond Hill City Center bridal show and was actually our WINNER of a full service wedding package for a great deal. Katrina and Matthew are locals to Savannah but had many people travel from far away. Their wedding was an early brunch which was so different and I loved how they served mini pancakes, fruit plates, omelets, as well as more delicious food by The Olde Pink House. Katrina is also a talented designer so she created all her invitation details including the programs, escort cards, chair numbers, menus and dessert table labels. There were many fabulous details to her wedding I could gush all day! Although I'll spare you and let the photos do their job, but before I must say a huge thank you to all the vendors that made this day amazing, especially my assistant Nicole for setting up the dessert table and helping out a lot! Plus Leslie the onsite event coordinator who was also a great help.

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Olde Pink House  
Wedding Planners: Simply Savannah Events/All the Little Details Designs
Photographer: Aliyah of Alimond Photography
Florist: A to Zinnias
Ceremony & Reception Music: RockJocks 
Paster: Allen Darsey  
Transportation: 1937 packard car   
Wedding Cake: Carrie Two Cake 
Cupcakes: TIER Luxury Cakes
Hair & Makeup Artist: Beyond Beautiful by Heather  

Eco-friendly details: ceremony and reception in the same location, incorporated family heirlooms and vintage items, Eco-friendly florist, used their bridal flowers for the head table centerpieces, DIY many wedding details from scratch (meaning not just store bought items from the wedding aisle), no sparklers used - bird seed instead (she probably regrets that after being COVERED in it from all the guests, but it was funny!!) and she let me deliver all the flowers from the wedding to Hospice Savannah!!

Getting Ready
First Look
The Details
Room flip and now the reception
Amazingly delicious brunch food selections provided by The Olde Pink House
 Love the fascinators!
 Enjoying a private moment
 Love this photo! hahaha
 And they lived happily ever after :)