Friday, April 26, 2013

{Pin it Friday} Ceremony in the Round

Yah, I know it's Thurday but I'm going to New Hampshire to visit with my high school girl friends!! YAY!! Since I'll be away all weekend so I posted this early. Also check out this other Ceremony in the Round that was in the woods that I shared before here:

Monday, April 15, 2013


Updated Re-post - Grey is my new color obsession and I want to buy paper straws, cupcakes flags, washi tape and everything GREY! I love lime green too, and brown and of course pink, but today this post is all about grey. So you may have noticed my new blog look, I've been super jealous of all the blogs that I follow that have gone thru rebrands and I needed something fun and fresh, so when I saw the template on Wonder Forest design site and it was affordable, I took the leap and bought it. Have a look at her nice blogger templates here .  The logo font is modern with a fun girly twist to get this font check out Only You and crown that comes with the Only You ornaments is so adorable! I tried to illustrate my personality into this logo since I am modern, girly and didn't feel like the other look really personified my creative love for painting, watercolor, and feminine flair. Plus the title describes me since I am obsessed with the little details. I have always noticed details, but usually not the details that other people see. What do you think of my new look??? I'm also doing some secret stuff over on my other blog A Military Story, but more on that later!! Well enough about me, here is my wish list of everything grey. 

Awwwwww when I searched the word grey these elephants came up in the image feed, so I HAD to include them. 
Elephants are so loving and majestic! 

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream House

Ever since my husband and I moved up north to our little cottage, we have been daydreaming about our dream house which we hope to eventually have. At this moment and for a little while we will be living here in our rental until we are able to build a new home and first to have enough money to buy the perfect plot of land. 

So it's no surprise to those who know me that I love interior decorating, architecture, and barns. I usually post about wedding things here, but I had to do a post about dream homes since my friend Lisa just shared this AMAZING LowCountry house that is for sale!! Oh my gosh I watched the entire video and just love love love this house: Lisa is a good friend of mine from down south and she works for this company LowCountry On Video and helps to photograph these gorgeous homes that are for sale. She also has a fun blog that you should check out here: Best Kept Secrets of the LowCountry.

I really miss Savannah, it's architecture, history and of course the warm weather!! So when I saw this post on Style Me Pretty - Living it allowed me to daydream a little more and remember this great city. Here are 4 of my favorite photos from that post, but you should read the whole post too. 

Now onto our dream house!! I hate having such a small sink and would love a big farmhouse deep sink like these two. We have 6 black painted wooden chairs and I thought it would be different if our dining room had black crown molding and black painted trim. We also have a lot of photos and I would like to create a few photo walls within our dream house. I love these ideas on how to create collages with your photos in various arrangements. Then there is my office space, which currently is way over crowded right now and I so wish our new house had a larger space for all my stuff!! My hubby wants to have a really really big garage for working on cars so we have agreed that I get to have a big studio office space in this BIG separate garage. Below are a few ideas of how I would set up my space with lots of storage space and a giant wall to pin my ideas on. Lastly, I am obsessed with post and beam style inside house architecture and really wish we would have this look. That's all for now, but make sure you watch that video, the house is beautiful!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is a HUGE undertaking. It requires countless hours of research, emails and meetings plus a good amount of money! A planner looks out for your needs and is constantly making sure that everyone is where they should be and things are running according to schedule. Here are 6 reasons you should hire a wedding planner, if you want to read the full post please click on the link at the bottom of the this post since I paraphrased it. Very well written by Nicole of Green Ribbon Party Planning Co 
1.) You want your family and friends to enjoy the day with you
Often your friends and family will volunteer to help you with the planning process and with the day of duties. However when their excitement wears off, sometimes they are nowhere to be found. Even if they are very well-meaning, they often don’t have the experience to know what they are looking at when reviewing contracts and they don’t have vendor relationships. A planner gets paid to make sure your day is perfect and handle any hiccups so you can remain happy and stress-free. 

2.) Venue site managers work for the site and not for you
Some couples think they don’t need a planner because the venue has a site manager. That could not be farther from the truth. The site manager is employed by the venue and that is their main priority. They do not know all of the details of your design and often don’t even stay for the whole night. They tend to stay through the ceremony and then leave the banquet captain in charge. You need someone who is acting on your behalf, grabbing your gifts, making decisions for you and coordinating your vendors so you don't have to. 

3.) You care about your budget no matter what it is
No matter if you have a modest budget or an unlimited one, a planner will help you find vendors, within that budget, who can best suit your vision. 

4.) You have a design vision or you don’t
Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, a planner can help you either bring your dream to life or cull all of your ideas into one singular design theme. In the age of pinterest and countless wedding blogs, brides can often be overwhelmed by all of the choices before them. Sometimes there is almost too much to look at and decisive brides suddenly can't make a decision. A planner can act as a reassuring voice, validating decisions and suggesting new ideas. 
5.) You need a mediator
Sometimes, families don’t all see eye-to-eye on what should happen on the wedding day. There are lots of opinions, especially where money and tradition are involved. It is good to have someone who can provide an expert opinion on wedding-related issues and serve as a neutral third party

6.) You would like a happy and stress-free wedding day
Things go wrong on wedding days, people get lost or show up late, things don’t get set-up where they are supposed to, food service can be slow and with no one to regulate these mistakes and stay on top of things, you might have an unhappy experience. Many times a couple will never even know anything was amiss on their day and that’s because a planner has solved the problem before anyone even realized something had gone wrong. 

Read the full post please click here:

The two photos I chose were both from weddings that were examples of #6 Things go wrong on wedding days and without a wedding planner to help, brides may loose their minds. Granted it's stressful and something will happen on your wedding day, so having family, friends, and your wedding planner to help deal with whatever goes wrong is so worth it! You just have to allow everyone to help you make your day as happy as can be, remember why you're marrying this wonderful man and don't sweat the small stuff...... let the wedding planner sweat, and boy oh boy, I'm always a sweaty mess and emotionally exhausted after weddings, but its soooooo worth it -- Layla